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Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors  

Kids can connect with Nature in a special way to create a sense for adventure.

Explore different kinds of Outdoor Family Activities to do in the Canadian Rockies. This page will frequently be updated with newest pictures of the adventurous Rocky Mountain Kids.

The Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors in the Canadian Rockies - Banff.

Banff is a beautiful place to explore for the Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors. There are many exciting adventures to follow such as this hike in the Johnston Canyon - Banff National Park. The Hike is easy and full of amazing nature scenery.

The Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors love skiing and really wanted to visit the Canadian Ski Museum located in Banff’s downtown. The kids were amazed by the Canadian ski racers featured in the Museum.

The amazing scenery of Two Jack Lake in Banff was explored by the Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors and they really enjoyed it. This is a great lake with beach and room to run around or to swim in the lake.

The Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors in the Kootenay Sport Region-Revelstoke, BC.

The Rocky Mountain Kids went off for some adventures in the Kootenay Mountain Adventure town- Revelstoke, BC. The kids were excited to visit the Enchanted Forest near Revelstoke. It is a great place to get kids in touch with their imaginations.

Next Adventure was the Sky Trek Adventure play zone which is located right beside the Enchanted Forest. The kids were very happy to be visiting this playground in the forest. It also features a few different Zip Lines and many new challenges for all Kids and Adults. The experience also provided the Kids with some high quality exercise and mental focus.

Another Adventure was the visit to the Lake Revelstoke - Martha Creek - Provincial Park, with a highly relaxing time spent outdoors. Lake, Beach, Playground and Nature, everything that kids love.

The Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors in the Kootenay Sport Region - Radium Hot Springs, BC.

The Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors actually wanted to go and explore some fun in one of their favourite spots, the Columbia Valley Wetlands, right in Radium. But as to their surprise the road to get there was washed out from the Wetlands flooding, so they decided to have some fun right there:

Kids love to play in water. They can find their contact to Nature and create a new sense for it every time they are in the element of water. Next to the amazing Columbia Valley Wetlands here in Radium, the Kids also really enjoy the Radium Hot Springs Pools, pictured below on this page.

Then a surprise action visit came along. The kids were having fun with playing in the Nature when the surprise action visit came by and provided some great scenes as these Bikers mastered the washed out road.

Wild life appeared for viewing. The Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors get excited every time they are able to view wild animals. Kids can feel a special connection to animals when they see them. Here in Radium, Bighorn sheep such as these ones are very often to be seen and provide a beautiful scene.

After all the excitement with the nature around Radium, the Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors decided to visit Radium town and the awesome Radium playground. Kids love visiting a playground. Here at the Radium playground, Kids can try out new things and always have fun.

After this workout it was time for an Ice cream break at the Old Salzburg Restaurant, in Radium. In the summer, this Restaurant serves great tasting Ice cream bowls for Kids and Adults. YUMMY......

But then the action continued. At Rolf's woodcarver shop in Radium, the Kids had fun feeding Rolf's goats. It is always an exciting time for the Rocky Mountain Kids to visit Rolf's place. Feeding the Goats is a very nice way for kids to get in touch with animals.

After making sure the Goats got some snacks, it was time for another outdoor adventure and the Rocky Mountain Kids decided to hike down the short trail in a beautiful forest, to the Radium Canyon Waterfall. This classic waterfall in Radium is especially now in early summer very powerful, but always a great adventure to explore for Kids and Adults.

The afternoon spent in the Nature surrounding Radium was an active and fun time for the Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors. With amazing sceneries such as these pictures, the Kids had a fabulous time connecting with Nature in Radium.

The Rocky Mountain Kids Outdoors on a Horse Back Adventure in the Kootenay's.

Kids love to explore Nature with a Horse. A special sense for adventure with a feeling for trust, happiness and strength is created when kids can experience Nature with Animals such as a Horse. These pictures were taken in Fairmont, BC on an exciting outdoor afternoon.

Kids love to play outdoors. These pictures were taken in the Purcell Mountain Range on Delphine River, near Invermere. To hike around this area is an outdoor adventure for the whole family. Kids get in touch with Nature by exploring it.

Kids in the Water. In the many Canadian Rockies Hot Springs, kids can explore the natural and healing water. Fun and Health for the whole Family. These picture were taken at the Radium Hot Springs in the Kootenay National Park.

Kids outdoors in the Bugaboo Provincial Park, near Radium. This park is absolutely Fun to visit. The amazing views of the Bugaboo Spire and the Bugaboo Waterfall, creates an adventure feeling in Kids and Adults.

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